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What are GLOW Tracts?

GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tracts are foldable “mini flyers” about various spiritual topics and biblical doctrines. The GLOW tract ministry has been working for years to get everyone involved in carrying those tracts with them wherever they go. Beyond the simple but important task to give tracts to people we meet on a daily basis, another big opportunity arises this upcoming summer of 2020.  Millions of people are gathering in and around the city of Munich, Germany to watch two major UEFA soccer games in the Allianz Arena of Bavaria. We want to use this opportunity to reach the masses in Germany!

1 Million Tracts in 8 Days

In order to make this happen, we need two things: your generous donation to print one million tracts in the German and English language, as well as your support in Munich from June 12 – June 20. We are looking for 30-40 motivated Seventh-Day Adventists, who want to go to the frontlines and distribute tens of thousands of GLOW tracts in a very short amount of time. Are you ready to join us?


What We’re Hearing…

“GLOW is one of the easiest ways to share the truth with others. Anyone can do it. Everyone should do it! It is a simple small act that has the potential to make an eternal difference!” — Taj Pacleb, evangelist, Director Revelation of Hope Ministries


“I am amazed by the idea and excited to see the impact. This is what Germany needs!” — Markus Jenkner, Youth Director, Baden-Württemberg Conference 


“Communication in the 21st century must be pithy and aesthetic. Tracts have the additional ability to be ubiquitous. Able to be used by introvert and extrovert alike, these resources have and will attract the eye, speak to the mind, and impact many European souls.” — Justin Kim, Assistant Director Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, General Conference


“GLOW tracts are an amazing resource to use. We keep several GLOW tracts by our front door and always give them out to the postmen who deliver parcels to us, they’re always thankful to receive one. The design and content is modern, relevant and easy to explain. Carry a GLOW tract wherever you go and Give a Light to Our World.” — Craig Gooden, Director of PEACE School of Evangelism, UK


“GLOW flyers should be ‘scattered like the leaves of autumn’ (EGW). By distributing these flyers in every possible way we can sow the seed of the gospel widely and reach people with the Gospel who would otherwise not hear the Gospel.” — Michael Dörnbrack, Director Josiah Mission School, Germany

The Occasion: Europe’s Biggest Sports Event

For the 2020 UEFA Soccer Championship, millions of people are coming together to watch games, socialize and support their country and team. Unlike previous soccer tournaments hosted by the UEFA or FIFA, this tournament will take place all over the continent of Europe. Instead of being limited to one country only, matches are scheduled to be held in 12 cities in 12 European countries from June 12 to July 12, 2020. The Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany is the second-biggest venue of the tournament, having a capacity of 75,000. On June 16 (Tuesday) and June 20 (Saturday), Group F of the 2020 EURO will have two of their six matches in that very stadium, whereas the game on June 16 is the opening match of the group. An event many soccer fans do not want to miss.

A New “Soccer GLOW Tract”

For this special occasion, Steve Wohlberg is designing a new soccer-related GLOW tract, bridging the gap between competitive soccer events and the Gospel. Alongside 500,000 German GLOW tracts, another 500,000 English GLOW tracts are being prepared to meet the spiritual needs of spectators, foreign soccer fans and tourists in Munich, Germany. More than 70 million people from all over the world visit the Bavarian capital each year, making it Germany’s most popular city.


We need Your Help

This project cannot be put into action without your help. The cost of printing 1 million tracts in two different languages almost reaches $20,000.00. Lodging, food and the transportation of 40 missionaries for 10 days (June 11 – June 21) demand logistic skills and financial stability. If you are unable to register today and join us in Bavaria, your generous donation enables young and motivated missionaries in Europe to distribute one million pieces of literature into European hands. A simple donation of $2 can reach up to 100 people in Germany!


The Importance of Literature Evangelism Today

“I was given instruction that as we approach the end, there will be large gatherings in our cities…and that preparations must be made to present the truth at these gatherings.” — Ellen G. White, author of 130+ books & pioneer of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church


This mission trip has charge of $150 per person plus your personal costs to arrive to the site.